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4f64362c7dc40.preview-500For me, cable ties are the new duct tape.  I use them to fix or make just about everything.  So, it was no surprise when I stumbled upon a quick fix for hanging ghouls on my walls in preparation for Halloween using cable ties.

Most store bought Halloween ghosts and ghouls come with a rope or string loop attached in the middle of their heads so that you can hang them.  They are also often added this way to homemade crafts.  In some case you can hide these simply by tying a knot halfway down and putting a pushpin through the bottom half into the wall.  The head then pulls forward slightly, hiding the loop.  When the loop is too short for this it will just pull the pushpin out of the wall.

One fix that works with most light to medium sized figures is to create a new hanger with cable ties and a push pin.  Simply take a small cable tie and wrap it around the push pin.  Before you tighten it insert a second cable tie perpendicular to the first, leaving the second one open.  Clip the unused end off the first cable tie after you have tightened it enough that it can’t slip over the end of the push pin.

4f64362cbfe97.preview-500Next find a place to attach either a cable tie or string to the decoration.  Around the neck is best if it won’t damage the item and will hold there.  Now, connect the open cable tie to what you put on the decoration.  Simply press the push pin into the wall and your decoration will seemingly float near the wall.  They tend to pull forward a bit if you secure them near the top of the figure, so hang them slightly above your head level so that they are looking down on you.

This method works well for many types of decor no matter the season.  Pictured is one on a skull cane used for curtain rods, which has no trouble holding the cane as well as several layers of light material for Halloween curtains each year.  They also work well to string lights or garlands around the ceiling, windows or doorways for Halloween and Christmas.  I leave them on when storing the items for the next year so there is no need to place hooks or other hangers before decorating.

You may want to purchase push pins that are clear or match the color of your walls if they will show.  In the case of the “floating ghoul” pictured, the push pin doesn’t show at all.